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Stevenage Regeneration Schemes

The plan for Stevenage Regeneration

Our vision for the regeneration of Stevenage is to transform the centre of our town so that it once again represents the aspirations of its people, and makes it an attractive proposition in which to live, work, play and relax.

We want to invest in the future; refresh, improve and develop our entire town whilst retaining its unique culture and history, and restore Stevenage to its former glory.

The regeneration of Stevenage town centre aligns with principles from studies like ‘The Grimsey Review’ that outline that towns must offer a combination of retail, residential and commercial facilities in central spaces in order to create a greater natural demand for services from the larger population of people living, working and shopping here.

3D Flythrough

The 3D Flythrough has been produced by leading architects, BDP and outlines some of our key regeneration schemes planned for the next 20 years as part of the £1bn regeneration programme. The Flythrough gives an idea of the scale of the developments as well as the transformational change that will take place in the town centre in the coming years. The Flythrough will be updated with further schemes when they are announced as the regeneration programme matures.

Stevenage Town Centre Phasing Plan

The video outlines the proposed phasing plan for the regeneration of Stevenage Town Square. The project is predicted to take 44 weeks from Autumn 2019 and will be followed by the redevelopment of the Town Square North Block 

What’s happening?

We are making Stevenage Even Better. The plans to regenerate Stevenage represent an ambitious 20-year programme worth £1bn, which includes major commercial and residential developments in partnership with Reef Group and Mace.

We will transform our existing town centre and the surrounding area, delivering new streets, facilities and more for our residents and visitors, both now and in the future.


The regeneration of Stevenage will lead to improvements to existing retail units – as well as introducing a range of new facilities and brands – and public areas that will bring back a once vibrant shopping scene, adapting to the changes in today’s retail environment.

We want to give people somewhere to dine out, use leisure facilities, and socialise with friends and family – all as part of an enhanced shopping experience.


Stevenage is already home to a well-established and unrivalled business support network; in 2017 we helped 49 start-ups set out on their journey.

We’ll be making life even better for our business community with the addition of new and affordable flexible work space in the centre of town, giving start-ups the freedom to work remotely in central Stevenage, at a time that suits them.


We’re creating tranquil, green spaces in which to unwind and socialise in and around the town, and centralising all of our local public and community services.

We’ll bring health services, the voluntary sector and a library together with the local council in one place, in addition to refreshed public areas and state-of-the-art leisure facilities. The result will be an accessible, convenient location to meet the public’s modern-day needs, right in the heart of Stevenage.

Explore the projects

Transforming the centre of Stevenage

To reach our ambitious targets for regeneration, we’ve partnered with leading developers Reef Group and Mace, both of which have years of experience and reputations for delivering large-scale regeneration programmes and projects both in the UK and abroad.

Reef Group

Reef Group are one of the UK’s leading retail developers, specialising in urban regeneration, development and investment. We’ll be working with Reef on the Queensway North project: a retail-led scheme that will deliver significant improvements to the former Marks & Spencer’s shop in the centre of town.


Mace is an international company that develops, consults, constructs and operates some of the most inspiring projects across the world. As specialists in shaping towns, cities and communities of the future, Mace will be the perfect partner as we work together to regenerate Stevenage.

Regeneration map

Find out about our completed and upcoming plans