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13 Responses to “Have Your Say”

  • dean says:

    I think that the regeneration scheme is looking really good and should breathe new life into our tired town centre

  • Martin says:

    I like the way that the new Market Place layout works – its great for my kids

  • Robert Clark. says:

    Will the moving of the bus station reduce the current available space for the parking of cars.??

  • Sarah says:

    I’m looking forward to our Town Centre looking and feeling Fresh, modern and new.

  • Sheryl says:

    Hello, I have seen the bus station is to be moved to the car park next to the Gordon Craig and I just wondered if you could kindly let me know if the car park will be replaced at all? Will there be provision for all the spaces lost? Thank you.

  • R Selley says:

    I have just had a look at your plans for the town centre and note that there is very little provision for cycling in these schemes.
    The town was designed around a cycling network for ease of transport.
    The town is in a prime position to lead the way in trying to encourage more people to leave the car at home and use greener, healthier modes of transport.
    The benefits of walking and cycling are well known and there should surely be a drive (no pun intended) to encourage residents in the town to use better modes of transport.
    There are no safe and adequate storage facilities in the town centre, train station or across to the industrial side of town for bicycles to be left safely and none planned by the look of things.
    The regeneration and planning is massively short sighted in this respect and should be aiming to encourage less motor traffic, not expanding the size of car parks in the town centre and railway station. There is a national health crisis around the corner. Time to tackle this for the benefit of the town perhaps?

  • Martin Ernest MANSELL says:

    I look forward to learning about your plan for the regeneration of the Old Town.

    There are no banks and there has been no Post Office in the High Street since October 2019..

    How about spending some regeneration money here, if only to help the Old Town have a proper Post Office like it used to have until October 2019.

    I have lived in the Old Town since 1975 and it certainly needs a bit of TLC.

    Regards, Martin Mansell

  • jacqueline says:

    There is very little concrete information about the redevelopment on this website … seriously ? ?

  • Tina Walker says:

    Improved access by bike/trike/cargo bike/etc to and through the central shopping areas.

    This was destroyed be the forum/Tesco developments. Hopefully in the light of the need to increase active travel post covid cycle provision will become the priority that it deserves to be.

  • Preston says:

    Superb, what a website it is! This web site presents useful facts to us, keep it up.

  • Geoffrey Roberts says:

    How do buses get in and out of the interchange ?

  • Tony says:

    I think the engagement with the Stevenage public is excellent, I use Twitter mainly.

    Letting us know what has been done so far is important as we don’t get to see it with our own eyes, also showing us the bigger picture re: the future plans and spend.

    Well done to the media/engagement team

  • Meg says:

    I am so excited about the progress of Stevenage regeneration and unleashing of this town’s untapped potential. I really believe it will be made better for current local residents as well as future residents of Stevenage whom we eagerly welcome to diversify the town in many aspects for the better for everyone. I wish it will no longer be a destination for out of option deprived London exodus but a new frontier for great minds who seek logical, convenient, and modern lifestyle. Our Stevenage will never have the chocolate-box charms and ‘ye olde’ history that neighbouring villages offer but we can be as attractive come the completion of regeneration and be historic in its own right as a successfully rejuvenated historic new town in years to come.

    My little thought, I can see that the regeneration plan does not include areas around ASDA, North Hertfordshire College, Roaring Meg and Monkswood retail park but I want to voice my opinion on the importance of improving pedestrian/cycle access to all of these key destinations and smartly connecting them all to each other as well as to the town centre. The way retail parks have been designed make it awkward and dangerous for locals to walk/cycle there. Now that the additional fund from government’s MyTown campaign is secured, is there a possibility for the plan to be stretched to the south of town centre towards Asda, NHC, Monkswood and Roaring Meg retail parks? I really hope so as it makes better sense that way.