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An active outdoor lifestyle.

A place where you can live, work & enjoy.

A choice of shopping and leisure activities.

Active Outdoor Lifestyle
Live Work Enjoy
Shopping and Leisure Facilities

“There’s 40km of cycle paths in and around Stevenage so it’s a good opportunity to get into the countryside”

“Stevenage gives me a work-life balance I know I wouldn’t get anywhere else”

“Stevenage has a great choice of different shops and leisure activities too”

Convenient and cost-effective commuting.

Perfect for weekend family life.

Town or countryside living for less.

Cost Effective Commuting
Weekend Family Life
Affordable Housing

“With a 20 minute direct train journey into Farringdon, I have a lot more free time before and after work”

“Fairland’s Valley Park has cycle tracks, a splash park and lots of play grounds, which is absolutely brilliant for my children”

“The affordability of the housing here has meant I have moved up on the property ladder several times”

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